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About Us



Let's Deepen Our Connection

On behalf of Salt Pond Builders, we are happy to meet you! Our names are Bill & Steven Dickey, we are a local father & son company, and over 40 years we have built 1,000+ homes. We are a small, uniquely designed company and that's what makes us great. We created Salt Pond Builders because we wanted to fix what's wrong in the home building & home remodeling industry, at least for Rhode Island.

Revolutionizing the Home Modeling and Remodeling Experience 

Responsive & Ready

In our company, rapid responses define our commitment. We promptly answer calls at every project stage, from initial discussions to post-completion. Unlike others claiming busyness, we prioritize your needs. Our streamlined structure ensures immediate project kickoff, always ready to start your dream project without delays.

Builders & Designers

You need a professional who is both an architect and a builder because architects may lack cost awareness, resulting in high quotes from builders. Conversely, builders without architects may lack creative design ideas. We bridge this gap as a design-builder company, considering your budget and vision to craft creative and cost-effective solutions for your dream home.

Accelerated Construction

We are able to get started sooner than our competitors, which means finish sooner. Also, while other companies take 1-2 years to complete a project, a complete new home build or home remodel project can often take us only 6-12 months.

Single Point of Contact

Bill takes care of all the clients. He is the architect/designer and has 40+ years experience as a builder. You & he will design your dream home, and if you ever need anything, Bill can take care of it. His entire job is taking care of clients. He then works with his son Steve who manages the team behind the scenes.

Cheaper & Higher Quality

We stand by this statement. Salt Pond Builders uses over 60 specialists for every aspect of home building. Hiring professional masters of their crafts is much more efficient than trying to have a general contractor do it all. It saves time and money. Also, it allows the company to stay a smaller-sized business and saves on overhead. We pass the savings on to our clients.

Better Relationships

This is the paramount reason to choose us – recognizing the deeply personal nature of building your home, we become your personal friend, guiding you through the entire process and remaining available even after your home is built for any late-night thoughts, changes, or concerns.

Passionate About Making A Difference


"Steven and Bill did an incredible job on my addition. They completely renovated our Kitchen, made our living room larger and more open and added an extra guest bedroom. They were within budget and did a great job. Definitely recommend."

Start Designing Your Dream Home

Call & tell us about your new home or home remodel. We'll schedule a visit to come see the property, and we will start creating designs for you to look at.

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